We consult with organizations seeking to design, test, improve and market innovative software applications, services and games for desktop, web and mobile platforms.

Our internal iPhone projects center around mobile situation awareness, intent on providing people with an increasingly meaningful and relevant understanding of their present circumstances.

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Michael W. Mitchell, Ph.D.
Founder and Chief Experience Officer

Dr. Mitchell is a human factors engineer with over 15 years of experience investigating and designing for human-machine interaction and usability. He is focused on enhancing situational awareness by understanding and supporting human information processing, memory and attentional needs through appropriate data visualization.

Co-founded social intelligence company Networked Insights, Inc., serving as Chief Experience Officer from 2006 to 2009.

Co-inventor on United States Patent 7,925,743, "Method and system for qualifying user engagement with a website."

Co-inventor on United States Patent 7,080,139, "Method and apparatus for selectively sharing and passively tracking communication device experiences."

Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering (Human Factors Option, Human-Computer Interaction Concentration) from Virginia Tech, and an M.S. in Human Factors Psychology from the University of Idaho.

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